13th dream caught: to be friends with everyone


“What is your dream in life? If anything was possible and there was a magic genie here with superpowers, and he said you could wish for anything, what would it be?” I ask, walking towards him as he sits sanding down a wooden carved bowl with African imagery.

“Any wish? Hmmmm… I think that in the year 2020 everyone will have their own house and their own car. This I think is going to happen” he responds.

“Do you think that’s going to happen or you wish it to happen?”

“No, I think this is going to happen!” His eyes sparkle. “Now there is big differences between the people here, some have big houses and cars and others have nothing, but now is our time to look and think of what we want and then it will happen in 2020!”

“I love your positive outlook! So your dream is to have a house and car then?”

“Yes. This is my dream. But it is not going to just happen and fall out of the sky from God, no, I must think of it and hold it in my mind and then work towards it, like this, everyday working towards it and then in 2020 it is going to happen!”

“And if there was no such thing as money, then what would you wish?” I wonder.

“No money? Yoh! This is a very difficult question… very difficult. It would be very hard to live if we had no money because then there would be no petrol for the cars and no food to buy. Sure, maybe I can grow some vegetables but what if I want meat? Then I must trade with another man who has meat… but without money this all sounds very hard. We are in the new millennium. We need money to fuel our lives…”

“So, there is nothing that you wish for then that money can’t buy?” I probe.

He laughs. “Yes OK, I wish to be friends with everyone! To have many friends and be nice to everyone. Many people say that you must first have money and then you can have friends, but me, I think you must first have friends and then make money, the friends come first”.

“How come?”

“Well because you and me are now friends and then if you hear of someone who needs someone for a job then you might think of me and so you get me the job, because you are my friend. And so it is like this – friends can help you in life. And it is fun to have friends! So, my dream is to have many friends and to have my own house and car!”

I giggle. “With a smile like yours – I’m sure you can make friends with everyone!” I say “And I hope that you keep your vision inside your mind and that in 2020 I will see you drive past me in your new car! Never stop dreaming, my friend, ANYTHING is possible!”

Have you given any thought to what YOUR dream is lately? Are you taking steps towards making it reality?


  1. Another GREAT. The photo is beautiful too – of him and also that water!! Wow!
    Blessings –

    Liked by 1 person

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