You are a HERO: welcome to the journey of your life’s PURPOSE!

There is a universal pattern that underlies all the stories that we have ever read, ever lived, ever seen in movies. The same story plot that guided Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings, Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Jesus in the Bible and Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love, Buddha’s journey towards enlightenment, Mandela’s story toward liberation. It is the same story that is guiding YOUR own life right now. It is a monomyth that underlies all of life, all of creation.

So, what is this plot that governs all life? It’s called the Hero’s Journey and it can be applied to any situation; to any book you want to write, to any project you want to fulfil, to any dream you want to chase, to the story that governs our society, to the very moment in your life that you are living right now. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is the entire PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE!

The hero’s journey is a single story that has been told in thousands of different ways, with a thousand different faces – your face being one of these faces that the hero has told his story through. The mythologist Joseph Campbell wrote the book Hero with a thousand faces in the 1940’s, where he discovered through comparing myths and stories across all cultures of the world from ancient times to more modern ones, that there is a universal pattern that permeates through each story.

I think that if you apply the hero’s journey to your own life, wherever you are right now, then you can raise your own vibration, by guiding yourself through whatever journey you are on, to become a hero of your own life! It helps to know what stage of the journey we are at now so that we can see what comes next and prepare to rock ‘n roll!

So, do you want to know this formula that can help you to lead your heroic life?

hero's Journey

1. Ordinary world: here is hero is shown in his ordinary world where he feels uneasy, unsatisfied, stressed. S/he knows that something is missing, but what?

2. Call to adventure: something happens in the hero’s life to shake things up – it can either be an outside force or something from within himself – that pushes him to face change.

3. Refusal of the call: the hero feels the fear of the unknown at this stage of the journey and so he tries to ignore the force that is pushing him toward change, he tries to remain where he is. Or perhaps another character warns him that there is danger ahead if he follows this calling and so he tries to ignore the call.

4. Meeting the mentor: at this stage of the journey the hero meets someone that is already on the same path but further along and who has been where the hero once was and therefore has something to share with him to help move him along. Perhaps he trains him, gives equipment, shares a secret to help propel the hero forward. Perhaps the hero doesn’t meet a mentor outside of himself but finds some wisdom from deep down within that helps him along.

5. Crossing the threshold: at this point in the story the hero commits to his journey and to leaving behind his known world to embrace the unknown.

6. Tests, allies and enemies: The hero is given many tests and obstacles to overcome. In this time he makes alliances in the new world and also meets his enemies (which could be actual people or inner enemies such as lethargy, doubt, apathy, denial, fear etc) that he has to face head on.

7. Approach to the innermost cave: This is a time of introspection, where the her retreats into his deep cave where he meets his shadow self. He is preparing in this time for the big ordeal, building up his reserves.

8. The ordeal: Here the hero has to face death (metaphorical or literal) or his greatest fear.  In confronting this major fear/death he is given new life, like a phonix rising from the ashes.

9. Reward: Having faced the other side, he now receives wisdom – which could be an actual treasure or a deep knowing, wisdom, enlightenment.

10. Road back: After the hero has received the treasure it’s time of him to make his way back to his old, familiar world from before. But it’s not always easy for him to go back because now the special world has become his home and so there is usually some resistance to getting back.

11. Resurrection: the hero is given a major test to overcome one last time before his arrival back home. One last sacrifice that he must make, another moment of life/death and rebirth to an even higher level of completion of his journey. He finally, at this point in his journey, resolves the conflicts from the beginning of the journey where he was in his ordinary world and feeling unsettled.

12. Return with the elixir: the hero returns home with his treasure, carrying the knowledge from the other side, from facing death. He now knows after having gone through his own transformation, that he has the POWER TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD and so shares his gifts, his treasures with others! Making the world a better place and raising the vibrations of all those around him 🙂

Wherever you are right now in your journey just know that you are moving towards becoming the hero. If you can view the downs, the doubts, the negatives as beasts and remember that you have the powers within you to slay them – then all is well. As you become the hero of your current journey, you will then move into the next phase and once again embark on another quest. Like this, we are constantly spiralling upwards and upwards into new regions of ourselves and the world of the heroes.

It is our purpose to become the hero’s of our own lives – to rise up to the challenge of transformation and to face it head on, even in fear, in order to transcend and vibrate at higher frequencies and to self-actualise.

Whether the hero’s journey for you right now is about losing weight, chasing your dream, catching a plane to a far off life in search of oneself, writing a book, applying for a new job, wanting to quit your job, feeling complacent in a job, moving into a new house, feeling like you need to change up your furniture in your home – you can use these steps to help guide you towards becoming your own hero. And I hope that you do, for your own sake and for the sake of all us! Let us awaken to our inner hero/heroines 🙂 Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we were all taking ownership of who we really are inside? Now is our time! You can do it! This is why you are here – to step up to the plate and soar in greatness!!!!

By realising that we are each heroes on a journey toward enlightenment it instantly raises our vibration because we realise that we are working towards something, we have a purpose, a mission, a quest to fulfil – becoming our best selves, our higher selves, our hero selves, our own guides, our own guru, our own messiah 🙂

What do you think? Have you applied the hero’s journey to your own life? Can you notice these steps within your own journey?


  1. It’s great to notice all these steps in journeys great and small. A good way to be mindful of our processes. Wonderful post.

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  2. Brilliant! When I saw the phrase “spiral up” it placed me in a certain mind frame, which is my most positive and centred on the phrase “spiral out”. Same thing. This is life, spiral up/out, or wither and die. The ability to raise vibrations in all around us is real, but it is a fight sometimes. Great post:)

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words – I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this post! Happy that my words put you in that mind frame, its the best! I agree – I also love seeing the spiral in life, because it really is a spiral and like you say, if we don’t align with it, then we tend to feel heaviness. Expansion is the key! Which is not easy, especially if we try to make it happen… but when we just let go and allow it to happen naturally, then it just happens by default! For me thats sometimes the main fight, just allowing life to flow without trying to make things happen too much, because life itself always spirals up/out as you said. Anyways, happy you enjoyed the post – thanks for your comment! happy spiralling x x

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  3. Very inspiring! 🙂
    Yes, I can relate and the best approach I have found is to keep on honouring the journey.
    There will be highs and lows and amazing personal milestones and “near-deaths” , but keep on going. The journey IS the higher destination.

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    1. Thanks a lot Jean! So glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂 You said it, the journey is the destination!!! Travelling really allows you to live those words to their fullest, doesn’t it?! Speaking of which – you’re in Uruguay? – I hope you are enjoying every single moment of it! I LOVE South America and am hoping to return to that side of the world next year sometime! I lived in Peru for a year and a half, if you get the chance to go there, it will blow your mind!!! Blessings and happy travels 🙂 x

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      1. Thanks for your reply B.H. Yes, I’m basing myself in Uruguay for the moment – and will be travelling from here to destinations in the region. You are right – great part of the world (!) – although.. it does help to know a little bit of Espanol… ( which I don’t, so it makes for interesting situations sometimes, but starting to pick it up). I saw your picture of Peru and wondered how long you were there for – one year – that must have been phenomenal! I’ll considering making a turn there – I think Machu Pitchu is a must do. In the meantime… I’m heading off to a very remote area with some ancients sites – more news soon… Blessings from the this side. J.J.


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