Sole to Soul – time to stand on your own two feet!

Imagine a beautiful fruit tree blossoming under the sun in all its glory.  Its roots are deeply penetrating into the nourishing soil of the earth, free to move in whatever direction they desire in order to fully get grounded and absorb nutrients. Its green leaves are dancing in the breeze, absorbing sunlight and ecstatically moving at one with nature. Now imagine the same tree, but with its roots neatly wrapped up in plastic bags below the soil unable to have contact with the earth, unable to get grounded and absorb the love of Pachamama… Do you think that this tree will be a happy one? A healthy one? Will its leaves dance in an ecstatic trance or will they hang, dried out and dismal with no energy? We are at a time in history where man is always separated from his natural self by some thing – whether it be a cellphone, a laptop, a car, a prepackaged microwave meal, a television, layers of make up or a shoe. Yip – a shoe, a piece of plastic rubber separating our sole from the soul of the earth, our mother.

Our bodies are made up of billions of cells – and each cell is ALIVE and fully CONSCIOUS. The cells of our feet are our roots, they want to be in direct contact with the earth, to absorb nutrients. The cells send information to the rest of our system telling it about where the body is, the temperature, the terrain etc and the body responds accordingly by raising the temperature if it needs to etc. The roots basically give the leaves information so that they can absorb the most amount of sunlight and make the most delicious fruits. Our roots want freedom to feel, to breathe, to absorb and to acclimatise to our surroundings – they want to be bare! They want the chance to touch their soles with the soul of the earth, their original home.

And so, I am suggesting that in order to raise our vibrations, get grounded (literally and spiritually) and change the world around us for the better, that we should all let our feet free for some time every day and to walk barefoot on the earth. I’ve been walking barefoot for a few years now and I can’t get enough of it – in mountains, on beaches, in the Amazon jungle, in shopping malls, in the streets. Sure, I have gotten my fair share of comments and strange looks like I committed a crime! (Since when was being natural a sin?) But just as ‘civilised’ people give me strange looks because I seem like a feral barbarian, so too I think it is strange (and perhaps barbaric) to suffocate the roots of a tree if we want it to live and grow. I’m not suggesting you give up shoes and go bare at all times, just for an hour daily, walking in nature – so that your roots can be in direct contact with their source of fuel. Although it is OBVIOUSLY good for one to touch base with the planet that we live on – there is also a lot of scientific proof that shows how amazing walking barefoot in nature is for the body – if you want to research the scientific benefits, the politically correct term is ‘earthing’. These are some of the benefits that I have enjoyed and would like to share with you:

1. Fresh air -firstly when you are walking in nature barefoot, you are outdoors, in the open air inhaling fresh oxygen which always feels amazing! It instantly evaporates the clouds inside the mind and allows for clarity.

2. Feeling grounded – when you walk barefoot, you use your toes, your heels, your arches. Your entire being feels grounded and solid, not just physically but also energetically, mentally I feel much more stable and supported when my bare feet are in contact with the ground below me. It is standing on one’s own two feet and therefore makes you feel stronger and self assured.

3. Your body knows where it is due to sensory feeling – your feet can actually feel where they are. If you are on sand they can feel the sand, if you are on a tar, your body knows that it is on tar. As you move about your body goes with you – but when you wear shoes, as far as your roots are concerned, you are standing still, always on a piece of rubber! It stops the body from sensing its whereabouts. Life is not to be embraced only mentally, but also physically, spiritually, emotionally – by walking barefoot the body can physically and energetically sense where it is.

4. Brings us back to our primal selves – when you walk barefoot in nature it takes you back to your animal self. We are part of a greater circle of life, part of a huge ecosystem. When we walk barefoot we get in touch with that primal side of ourselves, that ancient, earthy self, which makes us feel wild and joyful! To come back to the circle is remembering who we really are 🙂

5. Free massage from the earth – when we walk barefoot the sand and grass moulds under the shape of our feet and so it touches the entire foot, giving a free and healing massage to the feet. The reflexes at the bottom of the feet correspond to every part of the human body, so therefore when we walk on rugged terrain and natural surfaces, the objects press into our feet and massage each of these reflexes which stimulates all parts of the body and loosens any small crystals in the feet (which slow down the blood flow). walk bare foot

6. Healing – we were born barefoot. Walking barefoot is like going back to the womb and receiving healing. It can change a negative state of mind, it can alleviate stress, it is calming and soothing and makes us feel like everything is OK. It heals and makes us feel spiritually connected. It is a major de-stresser which I think most of us in the 21st century need a bit of!

7. Accessible – walking barefoot costs nothing and is always available to us, in each moment. All it takes is one step 🙂

8. Connects us to the universe – when we walk barefoot we remember that we are not just living in a world, but on a planet, called earth and that we are floating on a ball in the cosmos which holds billions of stars. It brings us back down to earth quite literally! It makes you feel like a kid again and reminds you that we really don’t know everything, that there is still so much to learn!

9. Balance and strength– since walking barefoot my balance has improved and my feet feel stronger and has also improved my posture. Because our toes also get a chance to grip on the surfaces it gives muscles in our feet a chance to be used and to develop, which walking in shoes doesn’t offer. Have you ever seen those tiny shoes that Chinese women used to wear to keep their feet small? They used to tie the little girls’ feet up so that they’d stay small and fit into tiny slippers and it works – the same is with shoes – if one is always wearing something over their feet, the actual foot moulds and becomes narrower. Walking barefoot allows the foot to stretch out and widen a bit and to get back to its natural self.

10. Awareness – being bare rooted brings us back to awareness. Instead of just walking ahead with all of our stresses and worries, marching to the beat of our anxieties, we are forced to walk slower and to take in all that is around us. There might be a stone, some pebbles, thorns, flowers, different kinds of grasses. Things that we’d normally ignore are now brought to our attention and so we become more aware, more in tune. It makes us more aware of all of our senses – the five usual ones and even the sixth elusive one. 11.

It’s fun to be crazy/quirky/different – most people find it strange when we do things out of the ‘ordinary’, and to be the one doing those things that makes other people question reality is always fun 🙂

There are scientific studies that show the immense health benefits of barefoot walking which can be found here and here. One of the studies that I find to be super interesting says that the earth’s surface is negatively charged with electrons and that when we walk barefoot our feet absorb these negatively charged electrons and therefore neutralise free radicals in our body (which are positively charged). You see, we are electrical beings and our bodies constantly produce positive charges, which in excess can harm us through oxidisation – but when we are in contact with the earth’s surface, which is electrically conductive and with its free supply of negative electrons – we neutralise and come into a state of harmony. This has an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory effect – which is the root cause of many health issues and faster aging. The study says that there are a host of benefits besides these like improved sleep and pain relief.

In mystical terms the positive charge is seen as the yang force and is masculine and the negative charge is the feminine force, the yin. So, if the earth’s surface is negatively charged and therefore feminine (she is called our mother after all) then taking a bare stroll on her body will increase our own feminine, creative energy, which is what we are needing to happen now collectively at this time on the planet! Viva la energia femenina!!! So, let’s take off our shoes and run bare, wild with the wolves and get back into the flow of the freely available negatively charged electrons, and neutralise our bodies, getting into a natural state of harmony 🙂

What do you think? Have you tried this before? Are you keen to start getting in touch with those primal roots of yours and raising your vibes and therefore the vibrations of the whole universe? 🙂


  1. Beautiful post! Reminds me of a quote from Women Who Run With the Wolves: “An acculturated Kiche tribeswoman once told me that she’d worn her first pair of shoes when she was twenty years old and was still not used to walking con los ojos vendados, with blindfolds on her feet.”

    Love your work!

    Jocelyn (@sacred_planet)


    1. what a beautiful quote – I love it! Blindfolds on her feet, such a great way of putting it! Thanks so much for your kind words, it makes my heart sing with joy 🙂 Many blessings to you and happy barefoot walking x x x


  2. I love this and I love walking bare footed. When I was a kid, I refused to wear shoes. NM has a lot of stickers, so I have gotten out of the habit, except when doing mindful walking meditation. Now that spring is here, my shoes are going to be much more in the closet! Thanks. Very insightful on lots of levels.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy you enjoyed reading it! We are going into winter over here in South Africa at the moment, which makes barefoot walking a bit harder – temperatures are dropping everyday – enjoy spring!!! It’s the best time 🙂 x x x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing! Wearing shoes is very much like wearing gloves all day. It feels as if someone wrapped my senses in cotton. I can´t feel the ground, which makes me incredibly clumsy. Also, I can´t appreciate the ground´s texture and temperature with my shoes on. So I walk barefoot as much as possible ; – ) . Happy barefoot walking to you!


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