1st dream caught: happiness

‘What is your life dream?’ I asked her.

Completely surprised at my question, she said ‘Let me think about it’. Eventually she came back to me with ‘I am too old to have a dream’.

‘No! You are never too old to dream!’ I exclaimed, ‘Maybe your dream is to be happy?’

In the blink of a moment her epiphany illuminated her purpose.

‘Yes! I want to be happy. That is my dream!’ she replied in a childlike excitement physically manifesting the inner light bulb that had gone off for her as she realised that being happy is a legitimate dream. ‘Long ago I used to know things, see things. I could see what people were seeking for and if they would get it. They came to me in my dreams and told me that I am a sangoma‘ she begins to tell me. A sangoma is a South African healer/ herbalist/ witchdoctor. ‘And so I went to train with a sangoma in Transkei to learn how to heal. But they were very jealous of me, they didn’t want me to have this ability and so they close me up. They shut me off’.

‘What do you mean they shut you off?’ I asked completely wrapped up in her story.

‘They used their medicines to take my ability away. They were jealous of me, they don’t want me to have this power to see. This happened in 1988, since then I cannot see for other people anymore’ she shakes her head. ‘But I can still see my own future. They still come to me in my dreams and they tell me things, show me the future of my children. They told me that I will lose my job, and now I just found out that my boss is moving country soon and so I will lose my job. They showed me that my daughter will be a policeman and she is. And you know what? They tell me that I will be married next year! I don’t know to who, but next year this is my future, I will be married!’

‘Woooh!’ I exclaim excitedly, ‘are you excited to get married?’

‘No’ she laughs ‘I still don’t know to who it will be. But maybe they show me soon’.

‘Who are they?’

‘My ancestors’ she smiles.

‘So you wanted to be a healer?’ I ask. She nods her head. ‘But you can still see what lies ahead for yourself and for your children and so you still are! And that’s the most important thing, that you can help yourself and your family’.

‘Yes. I can help my children, I have seen their futures.  And I know what is my future too, I know when I must do something or if it will be dangerous, this is very helpful in life. I just want to be happy, this is my dream. But I must get back to work now’ she laughs happily, walking off with her broom.

Just one question and a whole other world is opened up to.

What is your dream?


    1. Well it looks like you are living your dream! That is amazing! Imagine if everyone was doing that – what a beautiful place the world would be! Your blog is putting the idea of long term budget travel out there – so you’re definitely making an impact on others and letting them know that anything is possible 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  1. I’ve dreamt of and still dream of travelling around the world alone, specifically to developing and under developed nations…..get exposed to different culture, people and food.
    Interesting story ! You should check with her about the marriage next year 😊


    1. Sounds like a beautiful dream – one that we have in common 🙂 I’m sure if you really want it in your heart then it will happen! Anything and everything is possible – maybe this new year will be the one that you begin to live your dream!
      I’ll definitely check in with her again at the end of this year and find out if she got married… imagine that?!
      Glad you enjoyed the post.

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